IQAP is a company devoted to the formulation of colour concentrates (or masterbatches) aimed at specialised markets. This company applies innovative projects to achieve not only the supply of technological plastics of high performance, but also a high technical knowledge which constitutes a great added value for its customers. Thus, they have positioned themselves as allies and usual advisers of the markets with greater technological demands like the automotive, energy/ communications, computing, home appliances, agriculture/livestock, packaging, building, toys and footwear markets.


INJUSA is devoted to the production of toy articles; their main products are electric vehicles, ride-on toys, tricycles and garden items. In addition, through the diversification of its products driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, they have become the worldwide leading company in the field of large ride-on vehicles. They focus their attention and effort on the design and development of products to meet the needs of their customers.

Pérez Cerdá

PEREZ CERDA Plastics is devoted to the plastics injection, together with other complementary production processes. As additional services to injection, Perez Cerdá gradually pays more attention to the initial phase of their clients’ projects; therefore, they have a development department that helps customers who request it to develop technical issues, from the design to the implementation of the manufacture of any product in the technical part. Within their activity, PEREZ CERDA Plastics devotes 30% of their activities to the auxiliary furniture industry.


The Institute of Children’s Products and Leisure (AIJU) was founded in June 1985 with the aim of supporting the development of the toy industry. Today, AIJU has expanded its activity and has become a point of reference within industrial sectors of children products and leisure. The institute offers high technological value services to companies from different fields. Likewise, it develops R&D projects related to childhood and leisure, innovative materials, technical production processes, technological applications in the development of children's products, therapeutic leisure for health, energy and sustainability, etc.


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