26/11/2014 - ¡Successful development of MASTALMOND networking event!

The event was held in two parts, a first one in which the current situation of the manufacturing industry regarding the new applicable environmental requirements was shown; moreover, several success cases for the valorisation of industrial waste, including electric and electronic waste, the use and integration of autochthon vegetal species within the production cycle, the recovery and valorisation of spills and others related with energetic efficiency and climate change were displayed.

In the second part, the way in which the Life+ programme gives support to companies to fit their environmental objectives through funded actions as well as the support of the technological developmental centres was presented. Besides, the practical workshop was held; that was really enriching and participative.

In the practical workshop, several actions aiming to improve and optimise industrial processes, technologies and materials within the industry were obtained with the aim to contribute to the achievement of a circular economy in our industries.


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