Active presence of MASTALMOND project in “Made from Plastics”

Within the afterlife dissemination actions, last 30st May till 1st June the project MASTALMOND was displayed in the Fair “Made from Plastics” held in Valencia.
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Great success of the MASTALMOND demonstrators in the “Bio-Economy” Exhibition

The demonstrator of the MASTALMOND motorbike has been displayed in an exhibition held in Brescia, in the Ambienteparco Scientific Park. Its objective aims to involve the general public in sustainability issues.
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MASTALMOND in the International Fair of Environmental solutions

Last 28 and 29 September was held in Valencia the 11st Edition of the Eco-Fira Fair, the international exhibition of environmental solutions and the gathering point of enterprises and public organisms in which the last advances in efficient environmental management are displayed and discussion and knowledge forum of environmental solutions.
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MASTALMOND demonstrators participate in multiple fairs

MASTALMOND masterbatches generate great signs of interest among the most relevant European Innovation centres
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MASTALMOND in Industrial Technologies 2016.

Industrial Technologies, the biggest European networking conference on new production technologies, materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology and digitalisation, was held in Amsterdam in June 22 to 24 with the participation of high level representatives.
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LIFE MASTALMOND masterbatches presented in the fair Hannover Messe 2016

MASTALMOND masterbatches and products have generated a great interest among the materials consultants, that show them in the different itinerant expositions they assist to.
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The global network of innovative materials boosts MASTALMOND masterbatches

Materia.nl global network shows the most innovative new materials that bring people together to be inspired, to meet like-minded professionals and to share ideas. With this aim, Materia.nl organises the best specialised events, tailored exhibitions and customised seminars around the world.
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MASTALMOND present in Materia.nl

The results of the MASTALMOND project captured the interest of Materia, the global network of innovative materials that encourages joint innovation on the road to a more beautiful, sustainable and high-quality built environment.
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MASTALMOND present at the toy fair Nuremberg 2016

The toy is one of the demonstrator products arisen from MASTALMOND compounds masterbatches. With the aim of additionally transferring MASTALMOND results to the toy sector, INJUSA attended the fair with the Roller up and the prototype demonstrator, as well as the Layman report and the leaflets.
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MASTALMOND present in two fairs on packaging and the technical industry supply

Last October and November, members of the MASTALMOND project attended, within the after-Life communication actions, two highly-relevant industrial events.
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Mastalmond present at Municipalia 2015

Auxiliary furniture is one of the demonstrator products arisen from MASTALMOND compounds masterbatches. Within these applications, the members of the consortium consider that colour concentrates have great potential of use in urban equipment.
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New initially more sustainable plastic products with MASTALMOND masterbatches

The new colour concentrates with almond shell allow the injection of more sustainable plastic products with an attractive texture and aesthetics thanks to the content of shell, which progressively becomes more similar to wood products.
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International MASTALMOND EVENT: Challenges of the creative industry: from bio-materials to customised products

The final MASTALMOND event will be held at AIJU’s facilities next 30th September. In it, the challenges of the creative industry concerning bio-materials and the way they affect design and customisation factors, advanced manufacturing and new business models will be displayed.
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A leader in the global market of healthy food interested in MASTALMOND project

The multiple dissemination actions being offered to stakeholders are yielding results and a company leader in healthy food has become very interested in these new applications of almond shell.
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Colouring biodegradable, bio-based masterbatches

7th Issue MASTALMOND Newsletter
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MASTALMOND Project participates in the International Conference on Bio-composites in the building industry

MASTALMOND participates with a presentation titled “Almond shell-based polymer composites”.
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MASTALMOND Project attends the bio-based economy event held in Potsdam

MASTALMOND Project was present last 30 April at the bio-based economy event (https://www.b2match.eu/biobased2015).
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MASTALMOND Project participates in the 17th International Conference on Biobased Materials and Composites

MASTALMOND participates with the article titled “Study of the influence of the different treatments in almond shell-based masterbatches“ focused in the development of LIFE MASTALMOND masterbatches based on polylactic acid (PLA) to study how surface treatments applied to the almond shell particles improve the adhesion to the polymeric matrix and this is reflected in the mechanical properties of injected biodegradable pieces.
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IQAP participates in Equiplast International Fair

Last September, IQAP participated in the International Fair Equiplast- Expoquimia- Eurosurfas with its own stand, in which MASTALMOND project generated great interest.
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First auxiliary furniture MASTALMOND demonstrators obtained

6th Issue MASTALMOND Newsletter
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A study about MASTALMOND published in a reference journal

This study comes from AIJU’s participation in the International Conference SYMBIOSIS 2014, related to the Project subject: industrial ecology, environmental economy in the industry and the efficiency in the use of resources of industrial processes.
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Masterbatches on biodegradable matrices with almond shell in Nuremberg

This year, it welcomed about 2,700 exhibitors and 76,000 visitors from 112 countries. INJUSA was present among the exhibitors. They displayed the results of MASTALMOND project.
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MASTALMOND project displayed in a Spanish TV program

Last 2nd January, project LIFE MASTALMOND was disseminated during El escarabajo verde, a Spanish TV programme dealing with environmental subjects.
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The implementation of biodegradable masterbatches within actual products starts.

5th Issue MASTALMOND Newsletter
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¡Successful development of MASTALMOND networking event!

In the practical workshop, several actions aiming to improve and optimise industrial processes, technologies and materials within the industry were obtained with the aim to contribute to the achievement of a circular economy in our industries.
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Last available seats for the workshop! How to know if my company fulfils its applicable environmental requirements.

We invite you to the face-to-face event that will be held in AIJU next November, 19th. This event will display successful case studies in environmental management within manufacturing sectors to optimise related costs.
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MASTALMOND Practical workshop: environmental improvements in the enterprise!

FREE event, addressed to SMES, participated by the RTDs from the Valencian Community in environmental actions applied to the children’s products, textile, shoes and furniture manufacturing industries, as well as their auxiliary industries.
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MASTALMOND Project participates in Equiplast

Last 30 September, the project MASTALMOND was presented in the WICAP, name given to networking actions in Equiplast – Expoquimia – Eurosurfas International Fair.
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MASTALMOND Networking Event!

The event will be held next 19th November 2014 and may be attended face-to-face or by Webinar (only in Spanish).
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MASTALMOND project in the LIFE+ networking event promoted by REDIT

This event boosts the creation of networks among projects exclusively related to environmental issues with the aim to contribute to the sustainable development and the achievement of the European strategy in environment and climate issues.
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MASTALMOND results presented in Symbiosis 2014

This conference includes diverse topics of interest related to the MASTALMOND objectives, like industrial ecology, environmental economics in industry and resource efficiency in industrial processes.
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MASTALMOND masterbatches in urban furniture

The 10th International Town Planning and Environment Trade Fair was held in Madrid from June 11th to 13th. AIJU participated with the results of the MASTALMOND project.

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IQAP offers up to Renault the Mastalmond masterbatches

Mastalmond masterbatches in automotive applications
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The first series of almond shell masterbatches have been obtained at Lab Scale

4th Issue MASTALMOND Newsletter
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Establishment of Life cycle assessment parameters for biodegradable masterbatches.

For the full success of those biodegradable masterbatches, technical feasibility must be complemented with environmental feasibility. With this aim, two tools are considered: Energy Audits and a Life Cycle Assessment.
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New bio-based biodegradable Masterbatches

Establishment of the composition and requirements of new formulations for bio-based biodegradable masterbatches
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Establishment of Life cycle assessment parameters for biodegradable masterbatches.

3rd Issue MASTALMOND Newsletter
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INJUSA presents the advancements obtained on biodegradable masterbatches in the Nuremberg Fair

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On-going research for masterbatches with almond shell on bio-degradable matrixes

2nd Issue MASTALMOND Newsletter

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From Research to Market

This was the title of the 4th edition of the working day technological offers within the energetic and environmental sector, in which MASTALMOND project was presented.
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3rd MASTALMOND follow-up meeting

Last 22nd November the 3rd follow-up meeting of the project was held, a meeting in which we checked that the actions foreseen are being developed according to the planning in order to obtain plastic colorants or masterbatches on biodegradable plastic matrixes.
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First Networking action within MASTALMOND project

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The European Commission site ECOWEB identifies MASTALMOND as a high potential project

ECOWEB is an initiative by the European Commission to increase the uptake of research results from Framework Programme, CIP and LIFE+ projects.
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Welcome to the First Issue of MASTALMOND’S Newsletter

1st Issue MASTALMOND Newsletter
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Internationalization of MASTALMOND Project

First Internationalization action: MASTALMOND project is presented in PlastExpo 2013, the most important fair in the North of Africa.
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Project Monitoring Meeting MASTALMOND

New Biodegradable and eco-friendly almond shell based masterbatches for traditional sectors
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INJUSA participated with MASTALMOND project in Nuremberg Fair

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PEREZ CERDA Plastics participates in MIDEST Fair - PARIS 2012

This is the biggest Fair in the World exclusively devoted to industrial subcontracting.
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New biodegradable Masterbatches with almond shell

A Project for the development of biodegradable colour concentrates environmentally friendly with almond Shell in traditional applications has started
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The Action

Natural masterbatches on biodegradable matrices are notably absent in the plastic injection market. Therefore, this project has been conceived for the development of new plastic colorants based on biodegradable polymers with almond shell targeted to the toy and auxiliary furniture industries and able to be transferred to other industries of plastic injection world. 


...Additional Information on biodegradable masterbatches.

30 % of the plastic products within the market are processed by injection moulding. The most extended, simple and economic way to colour and change properties in plastics (80 % - 90 %) is to use plastic colorants or masterbatches, which must be compatible with the polymer matrix. This would suppose around 12 million tonnes of plastic products.

A masterbatch consists in a polymeric matrix in which a high proportion (50 – 80 %) of pigments, dyes, dispersing waxes and other additives and fillers are included. The masterbatch, in form of pellets or granules, is added to the polymer, also in pellets, during the transformation process (injection moulding, extrusion…) in an average of 3 % by weight (wt %). This entails near 360 000 tonnes of annual consumption of masterbatches within Europe.

As there are not masterbatches in the market either based on biodegradable plastics or with natural components, and their introduction in the market is very poor in sectors different from the packaging sector, the introduction of biodegradable plastics in traditional industries, as the toy or the furniture sectors, will suppose a distinguishing factor according to the current market, and specially with respect to other emergent markets, thus contributing to generate and enhance a sustainable consumption with no additional inversion requirements for its processing.



Layman Report

MASTALMOND Technical Final Report

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